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Champion Marans

The Marans breed originated in France, in marshy areas close to the Atlantic coast. The breed is named after the historic port town of Marans. Evolution of the Marans type of bird is said to have begun as early as the 13th century, with crosses between the local marsh hens and various gamecocks brought in to the port on ships. Gradual development of the breed then continued through the centuries, including the introduction of Brahma and Langshan blood during the late 1800's.

Marans are best known for their large, russet brown eggs. This is a defining characteristic of the Marans breed, so selection for egg color and size should never be neglected.

Marans are a hardy, disease-resistant breed that likes to free range and and can cope with damper conditions.

Marans are a medium-sized bird with lightly feathered legs. There are 9 recognized colors in the French Standard: Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, Black, Birchen, Black Copper, Wheaton, Black-tailed Buff, White and Columbian. Black Copper (black with copper feathers on the neck) and Cuckoo (barred feathers, giving a black and white speckled appearance) are the most common of these. Other colors not officially recognized (such as Blue Copper, Blue, and Splash) also exist.

Though we started with several varieties we now only breed Black Copper Marans. Our foundation cockerels were from Rodney Reeve's and Wade Jean lines and our hens are a combination of Rodney Reeve's, Bev Davis and Wade Jean. 

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